Presidents Message

Everyone here in SPADES starts off by acknowledging that we hold a position of privilege and that automatically imposes a huge responsibility on us. To play our part in setting up a strong scientific culture in Pakistan and to increase awareness about science. Science in Pakistan is mostly treated as just another subject in which you need to solve some quantitative questions and score well to get a good grade. This reductionist approach deprives us from experiencing the true beauty of science.
I feel like SPADES is able to influence the young minds of our generation and allow them to tap into what could be an innate talent for science. To give them a platform where they question the phenomenon around them, observe, analyze and seek the truth of how our world works. A very primal urge that all young children have is to be curious; to want to know. Sadly, this curiosity mostly does not survive the education system we currently have. SPADES aims to provide such a platform from which new ideas can take off. Where students come to learn in an environment that does not force them to rote learn to pass, but to critically question and then develop a good understanding of new ideas.
This year SPADES has planned sessions for LUMS students in which new scientific breakthroughs or the discussion on already existing key scientific ideas will be discussed in a more accessible manner, without much jargon or technicalities. The aim again is to raise awareness and to make science accessible to anyone and everyone, even if they are not from a technical background. 
I try to interact with all the members of my team as much as possible so that everyone in SPADES feels like they are a part of family. Our members through the years learn to develop crucial skills such as interacting with multiple corporations, promotions in all types of media, organizing large scale competitions and seminars, PR and familiarizing themselves with operations management. I feel that we owe it to our members, as much as the other students in Pakistan, to provide a place for them to develop themselves into productive and vital members of our society. After all, what are we if not a bunch of students brought together by a common goal or a passion to improve ourselves and to play an active role in the progress of Pakistan.
Moiz Warraich
President | SPADES


Our Vision

The foundation of Society for Promotion and Development of Engineering and Sciences (SPADES) were laid in LUMS twelve years ago to promote engineering and sciences not only in LUMS but also across the country. SPADES will exist to promote science and engineering and will uphold the basic tenets the society was founded upon.

Our Mission

Our mission is
• To make the students of LUMS understand the significance of science and engineering
• To provide the student body of LUMS and other students across the world an avenue to express their skills and talents in any field of science.
• Organize events related to different fields of science, robotics, engineering electronics, physics, biology, computer science, chemistry, technology-based entrepreneurship events,
• Organize activities of interactive nature which stress educational professionalism and provide opportunities outside the classrooms.
• Advance the academic, extracurricular, philanthropic, national, developmental, and social goals of the entire Society membership constituency.


Our Core Values

We, the members of this society, hereby agree that our conduct vis-à-vis each other shall be governed by the principles

• of goodness and fairness,
• of equity and brotherhood,
• of respect and amity,
• principles which are found intrinsically in the goodness of mankind, and which, if belabored, lose all meaning and spirit.


1) Promote Science through competitions and talks.
2) Look for innovative ways to carry out our events in the current situation.
3) Enlighten students with the new developments in the field of science.
4) We strive to provide internship opportunities for young aspiring students.
5) Make SPADES inclusive for people from all backgrounds.
6) Focus on Academic aspect of the Society.


Contact us

Address: LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt 54792, Lahore, Pakistan