The Office of Sports, Wellness and Recreation

LUMS, as one of Pakistan’s most premier educational institutions, is not only expanding its curve of excellence in academics, but is also an established name in the realm of sports. The Office of Sports, Wellness and Recreation within the OSA strives to motivate the entire campus community to come together to realise its sporting potential within a large vareity of games and tournaments, played both inside and outside of the beautiful LUMS campus. Just some of the notable highlights...

  • Nearly 40 indoor and outdoor sports are played on campus
  • Our students actively participate in more than 16 rigorous sports which include badminton, basketball, boxing, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rugby, handball, squash, table tennis, tennis, softball, snooker, weightlifting and volleyball. Many of these sports have their own professional coaches who help train teams for higher levels of competition. 
  • The SWR organises and coordinates a larges number of intra-school sports events and inter-university varsity tournaments throughout the year, involving the campus community as well as students from other universities.  
  • The Office of Sports, Wellness and Recreation also provides and promotes athletics, physical fitness and personal well being for the entire community of LUMS. Yoga classes are a regular feature.
  • LUMS has likely the most active female participation in sports of any university in Pakistan, with LUMS female teams active and competitive in 12 different sports.
  • The Sports at LUMS (SLUMS) Society has established itself as one of the most active student sports’ bodies at the university level in the country, hosting more than 15 national level plus large-scale sporting events each year.
  • LUMS’ athletic facilities are among the best of any university in Pakistan.  These facilities include the Syed Maratib Ali Sports Complex, which house the most modern male and female gymnasiums, four squash courts, an indoor basketball court, badminton courts, and an indoor volleyball court.  Outdoor sports facilities at LUMS include two volleyball courts (including a beach volleyball court), tennis courts, and football, hockey and cricket fields. The use of the aforementioned facilities falls under the jurisdiction of Office of Sports, Wellness & Recreation (LUMS) and is fully equipped to accommodate the entire LUMS Community.
  • And now, coming soon! The Coca Cola Aquatic Center...!