Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings

LUMS has four residential colleges which comprise of 10 residential buildings. The four residential buildings for female students are Mubarik Hall, Perwin Ali Hall, Henna-Amina Hall, and MZMG Hall. The six residential buildings accomodating male students are M1, Suleman Dawood Hostel, M2, M3, M4, Jehangir Siddiqui Hostel, M5, and M6.

Each residential building houses students from the various batches on-campus.

The Buildings - Males

•M1 has a capacity for 112; houses MBA students
•M2 has a capacity for 112; home to all other graduate students

Residential College M53

•M3 - Capacity 112
•M5 - Capacity 360

Residential College M64

•M4 - Capacity 112
•M6 - Capacity 360

The Buildings - Females

Mubarik College

•F1 - Capacity 112
•F4 - Capacity 210

Henna Amina College

•F2 - Capacity 112 
•F3 - Capacity 184