Residential Buildings

On Campus Accomodation - A Home away from Home!


LUMS has 12 beautifully designed and well-equipped residential buildings on campus, with 1250 modern, comfortable and secure rooms that can make moving away from home a much less daunting prospect. These rooms can house a total of 2500 students. The University encourages diversity in room sharing to make the experience a delightful one for both students.


All buildings are generously equipped with microwave ovens, electrical irons, toasters, refridgertor, spinner, stove range and other assorted equipment. Additionally, Breeze Air coolers are installed at every floor, with airconditioning also freely available in the common rooms, all to ensure a pleasant stay.


Applications for residence are made over Zambeel, LUMS' online portal and are allotted on a first come first served basis. A full set of instructions is made available to Freshmen well in advance to ensure priority in applications processing and residence allocation.




Accomodation for female students can be offered across any of five residential buildings. These are the Mubarik Hall, Perwin Ali Hall, Henna-Amina Hall, MZMG Hall and Ali Family Hall - buildings that can house nearly 900 students. These buildings offer complete privacy to female students, and any visitors are strictly regulated




Post-graduate students are provided accomodation at the Suleman Dawood Hostel and M2 buildings that can reside 224 students. Under graduate students are provided residence inside any of other five residential buildings that are M3, M4, Jehangir Siddiqui Hostel, M5, M6 and M7 - buildings that have a consolidated capacity of nearly 1400 students.