Presidents Message

ShARE is a unique international startup at the crossroad of consulting and education. Joining ShARE makes you a part of an exceptional international community spanning more than 35 top universities across the globe. Our focus is not just to train individuals in fundamentals of management consultancy but also in leadership which is an integral part of our two-year program. We as a part ShARE LUMS aim to work with our members and contribute to the philosophy of Do Well Do Good that is at the heart of the organization. We aim to give our members an experience that trains them in a professional capacity as well as gives them a fun international experience
Moiz Naeem
President | Share LUMS


Our Vision

ShARE was founded by Sebastien Frendo in China in 2002 when he was an exchange student. ShARE was initially a group of young French people in Shanghai who decided to meet every week and exchange their knowledge about Chinese economy. In its raw essence, ShARE is a place to grow leaders who will do well & good, and a place to help companies achieve their societal transformation. By combining the two, a new operating model of doing education and consulting emerged.


Our Mission

Our belief is that the dichotomy of “Doing Well through corporate sector” or “Doing Good through NGO sector” is not effective. Firstly, because the corporate world is immensely more powerful than the world of NGOs and social enterprises. Secondly, because it gives a normative framework for corporate leaders to mainly do well for themselves without much preoccupation for doing good, since the world of NGOs and social enterprises will take care of doing good. Thirdly, we also believe that many people of the corporate world would love to do good but are fearful of compromising their career and income by joining the second world. This leads to a big lost opportunity for “doing-good agents”. ShARE’s mission is to work together with a network of the best universities worldwide to develop a new generation of global leaders who will do well and do good.


Our Core Values

• Perseverance
• Commitment
• A “Do Well, Do Good” Mindset
• Leadership
• Passion to succeed



To help students become exceptional leaders

2. Teach them the art of consulting
3. Connect them to like minded people from across the world
4. Develop a new generation of global leaders
5. Help them gain top notch corporate experience with the willingness to do good for the society


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