Presidents Message

‘First of its kind, the Rizq LUMS society is devoted to continue the mission that was once initiated between the walls of this university by 3 students. We are powered to work towards a vision developed by the founders of this social enterprise and expanding their philosophy in order to achieve a hunger- free Pakistan.  The foundation of this society lies upon 3 main concepts; compassion, teamwork and efficient philanthropy, these form the core of everything we plan to work for and achieve. In the near future, we hope to transform into a society known for its diverse mindsets and strong skill sets working hard towards the most effective solution to a complex problem in Pakistan. This council is realistic enough to realize that the task at hand is not easy but we are ready to take up this challenge not only for the betterment of our society but to become better versions of ourselves. We are motivated, we are excited, and we are ready to play our part in ending hunger.’
Maryam Irfan
President | Rizq LUMS


Our Vision

The Rizq LUMS Society endeavours to create compassionate individuals in the youth by serving as a platform of ample opportunities targeted towards their grooming and growth, such that they may become the ambassadors of change for their societies, nations and states. This society aims to enhance perspectives of its members and help them understand the problems of food wastage and food insecurity in Pakistan by incorporating them into a system where they can play their part in ending hunger.


Our Mission

Our mission is to restructure the food giving ecosystem and make the LUMS community a compassionate, zero waste community. Instead of generating more food sources for the 110 million people in Pakistan who are food insecure, Rizq aims to utilize the already existing resources present in the society. By utilizing food that would rather go to waste, we achieve our twofold vision of ending hunger by reducing food wastage and efficiently implementing philanthropic activity and instilling a sense of responsibility in our community members.


Our Core Values

  • Benevolence: The quality of being kind and compassionate to others.
  • Purity: the quality of being free from evil.
  • Action: the sense of accomplishment of a thing usually over a period of time
  • Justice: the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness
  • Seeding good: propagating things which are morally right.



  • Spread knowledge and awareness about food insecurity, poverty, food wastage and the malnourishment situation in Pakistan
  • Promote a culture of active civic engagement and social responsibility among the youth
  • Inculcate a sense of empathy and compassion
  • Promote the SDG of No Poverty, Zero Hunger and Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Help create a solution-oriented approach among the youth in respect to the social issues at hand


Contact us

Email Address:
Address: LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt 54792, Lahore, Pakistan