Presidents Message

Publications at LUMS is a student society dedicated to encouraging quality publication. From on-campus issues concerning the LUMS general body to FIFA World Cup predictions and Black Lives Matter, we write about topics that are diverse, important, and challenging. My team of brilliant writers are trained to write with empathy and honesty, and we do not compromise on the quality of our publications. Every day is a new day for us, and every day we struggle to continue to voice the concerns of our very own from within the structure. Publications at LUMS means many different things to many different people, but I think what it means to most is a humble family of passionate writers. We take pride in knowing that we are the first student society that brought a campus newspaper; the beloved Publications at LUMS Dispatch; to LUMS. In addition to the monthly dispatch, we have worked on the LUMINAIRE, collaborated with student society PhotoLUMS on the LUMS Yearbook 2020, initiated a film shilm series, led an interviews project, launched the LUMS Book Club, hosted recognized writers and publishers for on-campus events, and carried out writing and publishing workshops. We have an online website where our writers regularly post articles under categories such as national, international, sports, education, humor, horoscopes, tourism, culture, entertainment, technology, culture, society, politics, book reviews, LUMS etc. We hope to continue to work hard to nourish critical thinking, responsible journalism, and mutual teamwork at Publications at LUMS.

Maryam Ahmad Kiyani,
President | Publications at LUMS


Our Vision

The Publications Society at LUMS wants to foster togetherness and celebrate difference through its published works. Any official body disseminating information has a responsibility to engage its audience and tell its stories; we want to create a community of writers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, patrons, and marketers who realise this responsibility and bring it to fruition. Our values and modus operandi should remain rooted in truth and kindness, so that the Publications Society at LUMS is one day touted as the standard to which all societies and student ventures wish to adhere.


Our Mission

We at the Publications Society have strived to create a work environment and ethic which is founded on journalistic integrity and above all, healthfulness. Publications Society members are encouraged to make meaningful contributions not because the act of contributing is a stepping stone to receiving lofty accolades but because every story matters. Our newspaper editions are a representation of the equitable work distribution amongst society members and of the passion underlying each ink stroke. At LUMS’ Publication Society, every project is a sculpture painstakingly brought to life by the collective efforts of members who know they will be appreciated and supported every step of the way.


Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • As a Publications society, we highly uphold academic integrity and ensure the authenticity and originality of the work we publish
  • Honesty
  • We have a culture of strong communication within our society so as to ensure that all our members are open and honest with one another
  • Freedom
  • We believe in providing our writers with ample freedom in writing and encourage our members to take initiative and exercise autonomy in their duties
  • Creativity
  • Our members are encouraged to think outside the box and we do not shy away from writing on taboo topics
  • Responsibility
  • We trust our members to be diligent and dutiful with their work, and encourage adherence to deadlines to ensure the timely delivery of work
  • Loyalty
  • The friendly framework and non-existence of a strict hierarchical system enables us to be a close-knit society due to which members rarely ever choose to quit the society 



  • Develop digital newspaper post COVID-19 with focus on digital publications
  • Increase awareness on issues related to LUMS and the wider community
  • Boost online presence through targeted social media marketing
  • Launch new podcast series and feature notable figures both within and outside LUMS community
  • Expand the reach of the book club; bring more moderators on board
  • Expand writers’ community
  • Engage student body by featuring submissions and pieces centred on personal narratives


Contact Us

Email Address:
Address: LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt 54792, Lahore, Pakistan