Presidents Message

In every person's life, a time comes when they feel void like something is missing from their lives that should have been there. Deep inside their hearts, they wonder that life was meant to be more than what is right now. Moreover, yet they cannot figure out what is causing them this unrest. Some people embark on the journey to find the missing puzzle piece to mend their hearts and others just let themselves become immune to its absence until a time comes when they start to believe that this unrest is part of who they are. Living in such chaotic times, mostly our lives have drained out the spiritual aspect of well-being.

LUMS Religious Society is one pathway that provides a chance to plug ourselves back to Allah (SWT). We strive to connect students with their faith. We aim to inspire and encourage, while conducting various types of workshop, events, drives, publications and programs, to bridge the gap between a believer and the Lord and to indeed be a beacon of hope for all.

There is a divine mission that lies ahead of us, and I think it is incumbent upon us to play our part. “You (the true believers) are the best of people ever sent forth towards humanity. You enjoin what is good, forbid what is evil, and you believe in Allah.” [AaL-e-Imran 3:110]
LRS aims to revive the spirit of being closer to God and connect people to all that is good. We are re-establishing the “awesomeness” of the practising beings; while remaining tolerant and bringing many benefits to those around us!
For me, it is fantastic to see how students collaborate in activities and work with harmony. Thank you, LUMS, for this opportunity! May Allah (SWT) reward LRS and its team for their time, efforts and energies. Lastly, my society needs your prayers, support and encouragement throughout.

May Allah guide us all to the straight path and may He always keep us under His infinite mercy and protection. Aameen!
Fatima Waseem

Our Vision

At a place like LUMS, where a typical student has to cope with the workload, peer pressure and similar challenges of campus life, there is little time for spiritual relaxation and religious contemplation, as one cannot easily identify where to draw the line between one's bodily and spiritual needs. Eventually, the appreciation and recognition of God becomes difficult and the urge to develop and strengthen a relationship with Him weakens. But like body, soul too needs its share of nourishment. Hence, there is a constant need for faith renewal which demands persistent efforts to be made towards strengthening the bond shared by the Divine and the human subject. The existence of this need inspires the entire effort of LRS. In a time and place where addressing such needs has become peculiar, LRS forms a living breathing body that identifies and acknowledges this need. Not by being some expert counselor on the subject, but by being a platform where addressing such needs is not a taboo. Therefore, its aim is to enable students to discover spiritual peace and to connect with God by creating a forum for individuals who believe that religion affects and influences life in a number of vibrant ways, illuminating exclusive and undiscovered horizons. It forms a platform for those who view religion as a source of enhancing one’s sense of being, coherence, morality, and individuality, leading to perfection in every walk of life without conflicting in any way with an individual’s rational and productive lifestyle. With starting such a platform, LRS then aims to help realize ideas and innovative suggestions in creating such a model and environment for the rest and inviting others to relevant activities and events.


Our Mission


LUMS Religious Society ventures to make sincere efforts in assisting the student body in appreciating their spiritual concerns. It thus assists one to keep their inner self from dying out as they aspire to embark on a journey to live LUMS-life. The society is dedicated to organizing events and activities to nurture meaningful dialogue, create awareness and learn more about religion – from regular talks by scholarly speakers to motivational and interactive sessions. It forms a community of comrades who inscribe for the religious blog and print publications of the society, attempting to revive the core of religion and to answer questions and misconceptions held regarding religion in the current age using the works of classical scholars, thus enriching the intellectual and spiritual domains of our readers. With the assistance of its members, the society also bids to disseminate religious knowledge through its reminder series across different media round the year.


Our Core Values

  • Faith
  • Awareness
  • Integration
  • Tolerance
  • Harmony


Our Objectives

  • To create awareness among students about the teachings of Islam and to enable them to grow in faith with each passing day.
  • To provide students with sufficient opportunities to enhance their knowledge of Islam so as to implement its teaching in their day to day life.
  • To help the spiritual wellbeing of students and to be a service to others.
  • To allow freedom of dialogue between different religions or beliefs in a non-discriminatory environment.
  • To promote religious tolerance and create an attitude of sympathetic understanding of the points of views of different faiths or religions.


Our Achievements

  • Published annual "The Call 2019" magazine
  • Conducted "The Ethical Training Program" in underprivileged schools in Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Tajweed Program (4 months course) Spring'19 semester
  • Ramadan Rashan Drive (Collected donations above 3.5 Lac and distributed rashan among needy staff)
  • InterfaithDialogue talks
  • Representation at Four-Day "Youth Peace Building and National Integration Conference" in Muzaffarabad, University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.


Our Events

  • Navigating through Distractions by Zaid Saeed Khan
  • Age of Fitnah by Raja Zia ul Haq
  • Majlis by Maulana Zaki Baqri
  • Unleash the giant within by Mohammad Ali
  • "Sacrifices at Karbala" by Molana Muhammad Zaki Baqri
  • "Purification of the Soul" by Muhammad Rasheed Arshad
  • Seerah: Life of the Prophet (PBUH) by Shujauddin Sheikh 
  • Rethinking Future: Solution to student problems in the light of the Seerah, by Prof. Muhammad Yousaf Khan
  • The Perfect Break
  • Suffering with a smile By Dr. Yousaf Raza
  • The Blessed Begining: Al Fatiha  Ustad Saif Umer
  • Khush Naseeb Kon by Qari Sohaib Ahmad Mir Muhammadi
  • "Qubool Hai"- A workshop by Raja Zia Ul Haq
  • Self-Purification and Modern-day challenges by Muhammad Rasheed Arshad
  • "Etiquettes of Social Media" by Zaid Saeed Khan
  • Achieving Greatness by Ustad Adeel Afreen
  • The Common Grounds: Abrahamic Faiths by Syed Hasan Ali
  • Bayan by Molana Tariq Jameel
  • Ramadan Drive
  • Ramzan: A Spiritual Detox by Zaid Saeed Khan
  • Reviving the lost brotherhood through Religion by Dr Basit Koshul and Bishop Munawar Ramal Shah
  • Ethical Training Program


Contact Us

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Address: LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt 54792, Lahore, Pakistan