President's Message

We are a small team of highly motivated individuals that constantly aim to be the best problem-solvers around; that is what consulting is about. We are the only society at LUMS that acts as a full organization and that consults real businesses and gets paid to do so. We distinguish ourselves by the focus we give to creating impact; we endeavour to affect a difference with all the work we do.

We’ve only been around for 5 years now, but the growth that we have been able to achieve has been tremendous, and we attribute all of that to our people. They have displayed integrity, commitment and resolve to take every challenge head on. Our people are our most important asset. We strive to facilitate and enable their learning in whatever way we can. They get the opportunity to work on engagement teams to support clients, attend workshops to develop new skills and engage in multiple society projects that not only challenge them but also enable them to discover who they really are and what work they find meaning in in their lives.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to talk! Please reach out through our website or Facebook page or get in touch with one of our members!

Ammar Shahid,
President, LCG


Our Vision

Be the most enriching and transformative student-run organization in South Asia.


Our Mission

Be at the forefront of promoting the field of consulting & professional development by forming strategic partnerships, engaging with organizations and helping them solve problems or leverage opportunities, and developing the skill set of our members.


Our Core Values

  • Teamwork: We are one team. We trust, empathize, respect and look out for each other
  • Results: The basic standard for us is to go above and beyond in whatever we do, whether it be in client engagements or other society activities.
  • Initiative: We challenge the norms. We act, not react. If anything needs to be done, we do it without waiting for someone to tell us to.
  • Commitment: We take ownership and are dedicated to our work. We have a responsibility to our partners, our peers and to the society. We get the job done, no matter what.



  • Grow partnerships and affiliations with strategic entities
  • Accelerate the growth in conducting workshops and client engagements
  • Expand Development Sector engagements on a pro-bono basis
  • Increase the dissemination of consulting related information to those interested in the field 
  • Develop a business Research & Insights project to share our analysis with the community at large.

Email Address:
Address: LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt 54792, Lahore, Pakistan