President's Message

I, being frontier of the Halqa-e-Danish, aim to establish an environment for the LUMS community where they feel close to the origin of literature and manifest their literary talent with others. It'll be propitious to foster the upcoming individuals and enable them to express what’s within them through the art of literature. Nonetheless, we should never forget our heritage and appreciate every individual following this path and their endeavours.
Noshaiz Amjad,
President, Halqa-e-Danish


Our Vision

Halqa-e-Danish is a platform that aims to reinvigorate the South Asian art forms, including culture and literature, among the student body of LUMS.


Our Mission

As implied by the name of this potential society it will be a circle of individuals aiming to discuss ideas, perspectives, history, literature and any relevant topic that can make people think, wonder and observe. The aim will be to create a space in the LUMS environment to hold conversations while primarily basing these conversations on South Asian Literature. We want to stimulate curiosity and set the stage for inquiry. A certain gap exists between the student body and South Asian Literature where it’s considered something too alien to be understood, our aim will be to bridge that gap.


Our Core Values

  • Acceptance
  • Encouragement
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Professionalism



  • Present topics in literature for education, inspiration, motivation, and the interest to become a potential reader.
  • Promote cultural displays
  • Provide educational workshops.
  • Promote literary competitions.
  • Provide chances to  showcast people’s creativity
  • Provide literature-writing instruction and mentoring.

Facebook : @Halqadanish
Instagram : Halqa_e_danish_lums
Address: LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt 54792, Lahore, Pakistan