President’s Message

I have immense gratitude for the  Executive Council members, Rida Fatima, Zarnab Athar and Muhammad zain Bin Asad for their contribution in the running the society and reviewing this document. I would also like to thank past Presidents and executive council members and society alumni who have always stood by TES and helped the society in the capacity of Patrons and in helping us with affiliations. I would like to thank the current Patron of the Society, Dr. Adeel Tariq for his ever- present affection and guidance for the society.
TES is a society that has the potential to achieve so much more than our collective imagination. And we hope that we will enable and empower TES to the best of our ability to achieve its true potential.

Haider Ghani Jafri
President – The Economics Society

Vision Statement

We are also launching a digital journal which will go by the name ‘Random Walk’, reviving its old existence and long-standing reputation. In a series of webinars, we seek to bring together many profound and talented experts from multiple fields to stir healthy discussions and debates. These people will be from different disciplines and the webinars will entertain a plethora of topics in relevance to these tough times. Finally, to nourish the research skills of individuals interested to pursue research in economics as their careers, we will have a Grad Talk and our flagship Economics Contest to cater to their interests. From breakthroughs in economic research to day-to-day interesting stories, our Instagram and online blog are all-encompassing.

Mission Statement

The Economics Society is driven towards bringing together inquisitive, creative, and talented minds, the society is set to expand and grow in multiple avenues. Despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic, the society is prepared to adapt to the virtual mode of bringing people together and interacting with the world.

Core Values

1. Communication: All departments are expected to acknowledge the feedback and messages given by the EC.
2. Co-ordination:  Within each department, decisions should be finalized with the consensus of Co-directors.
3. Respect and Decorum: We encourage our directorate as well as team members to adopt a respectful demeanor when addressing one another.
4. Learn and Grow Together: We believe in learning from one another and growing together which is why we encourage honest feedback from our directorate on matters pertaining to The Economics Society.


• Spread knowledge and awareness about seminal economic works and big economic ideas;
• Spread awareness about International Financial Institutions (IFIs) like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund;
• Promote a culture of social responsibility;
• Inculcate a sense and spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship in the youth of Pakistan;
• Inculcate a culture of knowledge dispersal, especially between academics, professionals and ambassadors, professors and the youth;
• Develop a sense of academic scholarship amongst the student body;
• Help create a more equitable world where resources are more evenly distributed;
• Encourage the use of evidence-based policy design and statistical tools while making decisions.