Society for Better Educational Engagement at LUMS (BEE at LUMS)


Presidents Message

Last academic year, we - researchers working for the LUMS School of Education (LUMS SOE) - got together because we felt LUMS lacked space for deliberate educational engagement. We felt this was alarming since college education is perhaps the most formative period in our lives and situated within the context of a leading university, even more so. Despite its crucial role in our economy and quality of life, we feel that students are disengaged from thinking deeply and critically about the practices through which they are taught. They do not question the ways that the educational system runs or the principles it inculcates. Therefore, society for Better Educational Engagement (BEE) at LUMS was founded on the philosophical foundations of deeper understanding and appreciation of the educational system. We want to provide students the space to think about what they want from their education beyond the distraction of getting a good GPA. Concisely, we want students to take ownership of their self-actualization journey at LUMS and think about what matters to them.

Abdul Moeed Asad
President, BEE at LUMS


Our Vision

Society for Better Educational Engagement at LUMS is created to initiate, and empower student communities to think deeply and critically about their roles in education. BEE is to be an inclusive society, inviting all undergraduate and graduate students who wish to invest their time in learning, teaching, and experimentation, regardless of gender, religion, race, and sexual orientation, and celebrate the richness and diversity of the experiences they bring.

Our Mission

Society for Better Educational Engagement at LUMS is a student society created for initiating gradual but lasting change within the Pakistani society, aimed at creating awareness about education, how one can engage with it, better it, and themselves.

Our Core Values

  • Inclusivity
  • Sustainability
  • Community
  • Action
  • Responsibility


Our Objectives

  • Create opportunities for students interested in the field of education
  • Become a resource for students at LUMS for student guidance
  • Encourage thoughtful action in relation to education
  • Initiate or partake in critical education movements (e.g., Science with Science Bowl)


Address: LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt 54792, Lahore, Pakistan