Presidents Message

AIESEC has a vibrant and long-lasting history at LUMS as it was the first institute from where the country chapter of AIESEC Pakistan started in 2006. LUMS was also the first organization to partner with AIESEC in facilitating its vision of a better world. Ever since AIESEC at LUMS has been able to transform hundreds of students into leaders of the future. This year, during these unprecedented times, we hope to continue the legacy and strive for our goals of empowering youth leaders, developing purposeful partnerships and building a long-lasting AIESEC for all.
Ameer Ali
President, AIESEC in LUMS

Our Vision

“Peace and the fulfilment of humankind’s potential” is the vision of AIESEC. That is what drives the organization. We believe that individuals are the ones who will positively impact the society and will bring us closer to our vision for the world.

Our Mission

We place our confidence in youth as the key to unlock a better future. We believe that leadership is a fundamental solution, and it can be developed in anyone.
Our Core Values
• Activating Leadership
We lead by example and inspire leadership through actions and results. We take full responsibility for developing the potential of others.
• Enjoying Participation
We create dynamic and welcoming environments through the active and enthusiastic participation of individuals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC.
• Striving for Excellence
We seek to improve through creativity and innovation continuously. We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.
• Living Diversity
We seek to learn from different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We are inclusive by respecting and actively encouraging the contribution of every individual.
• Acting Sustainably
We act in a sustainable way for our organization and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.
• Demonstrating Integrity
We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfil our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is aligned with our vision.


AIESEC’s leadership seeks to prepare youth to take a stand on what they care about and become capable of making a difference through their everyday actions. That is why our answer is to develop the characteristics below: World Citizen Self-aware Empower others Solution-oriented

This is the leadership that we believe in and strive to develop in today’s youth.

Address: LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt 54792, Lahore, Pakistan