University Access to Rooms

  • The Housing Office staff may enter a student’s room without prior notice or permission at any time for administrative, safety, and regulatory purposes with the permission of the College Master/HOD OSA.
  • The lock of the main door of the room may not be changed nor can additional locks be placed on any door of the room, or any other doors within the building. In the event of an emergency, the University may remove students’ belongings for cleaning, repair, storage, and/or protection.
  • LUMS recognizes the importance of student’s privacy of student rooms. Any right of entry shall be exercised only when required for purposes of health, safety, and maintenance, and to regulate the use of its premises in accordance with

University rules and regulations

  • Each residence building will maintain a Log Book which records the time, date, nature of complaint, action taken, and the name of the Physical Plant personnel attending to the concern.
  • When a student sends a repair request to rcrepairs it is understood that the Facilities and Engineering personnel have permission to enter the student’s room. However a student may specify in their request that the staff must enter in their presence only.