Temporary Accommodation

Student requiring hostel accommodation for a short stay, must apply online on Zambeel at least 7 days before the expected date of occupancy. Space will be offered subject to availability.

The following charges shall apply for a temporary/short stay:

  • Security Deposit is not applicable for a cumulative stay up to 14 days during an academic year
  • Registration Charges PKR 1,500 (non-refundable) (applicable for a stay more than 14 days) 
  • Rental Charges  A stay of more than 7 and up to 14 days - Half a month’s charges
  • A stay of 14 and up to 31 days - full month charges
  • A stay of up to 7 days PKR 150 per day
  • On-campus Residence rules and regulations will apply equally to regular as well as short-term residents.

Short term residents will also be responsible for any damages that they cause to LUMS property. Students can only check-in to On-Campus Residence after they have paid the security as well as any remaining dues in advance.