The Student Counselor Office

While University life can be an exciting experience, it may also appear quite challenging at times.  If you feel that you could benefit from taking time out to talk over any problem that is causing you anxiety, you may refer yourself to the LUMS Student Counsellor.  


Student Counseling Services at LUMS are available five days a week, with two counselors always available to help students with any emotional or academic problems that inhibit wellness. 


The student counselor looks forward to work with students and help them with all kinds of emotional, psychological, familial and academic problems. Stress management techniques and relaxation methods are offered to deal with anxiety and stress. The Counseling Service is especially sensitive to issues of diversity and their influence on student adjustment, identity and growth.


Any information discussed with the student counselor is strictly confidential and is limited only to self, and does not affect a student’s academic record.


Apart from counseling, stress-busting services such as cognitive behavior therapy, advanced clinical hypnosis, Reiki and mindful meditations are also offered to students free of cost.


Please feel free to visit any of our counselors between 8.30 am to 5 pm on weekdays to discuss any inhibitions you may feel


Nida Zafar

Syed Maratib Ali Sports Complex

Room no 11

Intercom 8304


Mishal Tanveer

Syed Maratib Ali Sports Complex

Room no 10

Intercom 3812