• Students availing the on-campus residence facility can store belongings, at their own risk.
  • LUMS is not responsible for protecting or securing stored items.
  • Items stored must be clearly marked with the resident’s name, roll number and a contact number.
  • Each resident can store one carton and one refrigerator for free.
  • Stored items must be documented in the register with the student’s signature. 
  • Dirty and unlabelled refrigerators will not be stored.
  • All unpacked and undocumented items left lying around in the room will be discarded.
  • Students must obtain a receipt of items placed in storage from their Housing Office Representative
  • Students may collect items from the storage facility during the specified times.
  • See important dates for timings of retrieval of stored items.
  • For storage of extra cartons/items, a charge of PKR 3,000 per piece applies. A maximum of 3 pieces can be stored.

(The University will take no responsibility for the items in storage and reserve the right to decline excessive storage requests. The student will be required to sign an agreement to this effect. In case of loss of a stored carton, damages up to a maximum of PKR 3000, will to be considered by OSA.)