Common Rooms

Each residential facility features common rooms with large screen TVs and comfortable seating. All common rooms are air conditioned and open 24 hours.


Laundry services are provided at cost to all students. The residents are responsible for collecting and dropping laundry from the laundry rooms located in the designated residential areas. Laundry is not to be hung out to dry in the balconies.       


Pantries are located on every floor and are equipped with a refrigerator, water cooler, microwave oven, toaster, stove and an iron. Please remember that these are for the use of all building residents. Common courtesy requires that each user cleans up after using the facility.

Refrigerators and Food Storage

All the food items stored in the fridge should be labeled properly with names and roll numbers. Refrigerators are regularly cleaned by the cleaning staff and spoiled food is thrown away. LUMS is not responsible for the loss of food items.