Security System

Violating the security system will result in penalities and fines. The penalties listed below are in effect to make the access control system effective. All charges will be backed by evidence. Students are informed via email and penalties are charged along with the fee / hostel charges.


Tail Gating-Helping others intentionally to gain access, on your smart card.Warning and Fine of PKR 1000
Smart card blocked on second attempt. 
Door Held Open- Holding the door open physically for a longer duration, in access to the standard allowed time i.e., 7 seconds.Fine of PKR 500 
Door Forced Open-Using any material/ item to block/break or open the door, so the door remains unlocked Warning and Fine of PKR 5000
Case forwarded to DC on second attempt. 
Tampering/Damaging the Hardware  Interfere with the access control hardware with intention to harm / disable/damage its function Fine of PKR 10,000 to PKR 20,000 and case forwarded to DC 
Unauthorized Access- Lending your smart card to the unauthorized person /outsider to gain access in your absence Fine of PKR 20,000
Case forwarded to DC