Residence Policy

Residence Policy

  • On Campus Residence is provided to facilitate out-of-city students. However, there is no guarantee of provision of On Campus accommodation.
  • Accommodation is provided to students of each programme with regard to the respective specified duration of each programme. Maximum duration: PhD 5 years; MS, MBA 2 years and undergraduate 4 years.
  • While allotting accommodation, priority is given to incoming students for the specified time period: undergraduate for the first two academic years and graduate and PhD students for the first year at LUMS.
  • Only full-time students maintaining a full course load are entitled to On Campus Residence. Students, not maintaining a full course load during any semester forfeit their residence privileges.
  • Students who have completed the minimum graduation requirement of their respective programme but are enrolled in further courses will only be considered for accommodation subject to availability of space.
  • Students vacating the hostel before the completion of their respective programme forfeit the right to On Campus Residence.
  • Students are to vacate rooms immediately after the last scheduled exam. Room keys must be returned to the Housing Office before leaving the campus.


* LUMS and OSA Housing Office reserve the right to On Campus Residence and to modify the On Campus Residence policy as and when it deems necessary.


Penalities and related additional charges

  • Early arrival and stay at the hostel without approval or check in will result in a fine of PKR 2,000 per day.
  • Storage of extra cartons/items. PKR 3,000 per piece.
  • Fine equivalent to charges of 3 months will apply in addition to the applicable monthly charges for unregistered personal appliance.
  • Schedule of Appliance Charges; Small fridge PKR 1,000/month.
  • Room Heater (max 1000 watts fan heater) PKR 2500 per month.
  • All appliance charges to be applicable on monthly basis only
  • Illegal AC charge PKR 10,000 and immediate cancellation of space at the hostel.
  • Three disciplinary violations results in cancellation of space.
  • Each visit by F&E will be a charge of PKR 500 prorated and charged to entire wing.
  • Refer to key.doc for details regarding keys.
  • No bulbs to be provided.
  • Misuse of fire extinguishers PKR 2,000 per person of the entire floor.
  • Room swap will be a fine of PKR 5,000 each to both students.


Violating the Security System

The penalties listed below are in effect to make the access control system effective. All charges will be backed by material evidence. Students are informed via email and penalties are charged along with the fee / hostel charges.

Tail Gating-Helping others intentionally to gain access, on your smart card.Warning and Fine of PKR 1000
Smart card blocked on second attempt. 
Door Held Open- Holding the door open physically for a longer duration, in access to the standard allowed time i.e., 7 seconds.Fine of PKR 500 
Door Forced Open-Using any material/ item to block/break or open the door, so the door remains unlocked Warning and Fine of PKR 5000
Case forwarded to DC on second attempt. 
Tampering/Damaging the Hardware  Interfere with the access control hardware with intention to harm / disable/damage its function Fine of PKR 10,000 to PKR 20,000 and case forwarded to DC 
Unauthorized Access- Lending your smart card to the unauthorized person /outsider to gain access in your absence Fine of PKR 20,000
Case forwarded to DC 


Smart Cards

  • Smart Cards are issued to all resident students.
  • The Smart Card allows round the clock access to the buildings including the University Library, Computer Labs and the Maratab Ali Sports Complex.
  • Entrance doors to residential buildings are locked at all times and are only accessible through the Smart Card System.
  • Smart Card replacement charges apply.
  • Smart Card for all residents is activated as of the day of check in.
  • The Smart Card will remain activated till the last day of the academic year or till a student checks out of the hostel.
  • Lost or stolen cards must be immediately reported to the LUMS Security Office at Ext. 2560, 2561, 2562.