• All keys are the property of LUMS and given to residents for personal use only.
• Residents are prohibited from giving and/or loaning their keys to anyone for any reason.
• Any duplication of University keys is strictly prohibited.
• Students are provided keys for their room, cabinet, desk and side table.
• These keys must be returned to the Housing Officer on vacating the hostel.
• Duplicate keys are arranged by the Housing Officers on payment of a fine.

Key Replacement Charges

DescriptionCharges in PKR
All keys 3,000 (applicable if five or more keys are missing)
Duplicate room key  1,000
Duplicate drawer key500


Late Fee Key Issuance Charge
Applicable for issuance of keys after LUMS official work hours, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. @ of PKR 2,000 per request

Lost Keys

• Lost keys must be reported to the Housing Officer, who will order a new set from Facilities and Engineering.
• New keys may be picked up during office hours on the week days.
• The student will be charged a replacement fee for the lost keys.
• The fee is charged at the time of pickup.
• Students must present their smart card when collecting their new keys.

Return of Keys at Check-out

All Keys must be returned to LUMS at checkout.