How to Apply

  • Make a payment as per the Hostel Fee Voucher

  • Log in to your online LUMS account

  • Click the link given at the “Application Status” tab to access “On-Campus Residence Application”

  • Fill out the online Application Form

  • Submit the completed form before the given deadline


Things to Know

  • New applicants must indicate the need for on-campus residence on the online admission application form

  • When the application status is updated to 'Admission Offered,' the student may apply for 'On-Campus Residence'

  • Lahore residents cannot apply for on-campus residence

  • Applicants pay their hostel and tuition dues and submit their application via the LUMS online admission account

  • Notification of room allocation is sent to the newly admitted students after all admission requirements have been met

  • Applications of students who apply after the last date of submission of dues are placed on a waitlist to be considered after all other students have been accommodated