Can I apply for On-Campus Residence without payment?

  • It is not possible to apply without payment of On-Campus Residence dues. Payment has to be made before you apply for On-Campus Residence.

What is the last date to apply for On-Campus Residence?

  • The last date to apply for residence is the same as the last date to pay for your tuition to confirm your admission.

Can I apply later for accommodation?

  • No, you have to apply for accommodation when you apply for admission.

Can I specify my roommate preference?

  • New students do not have the option to specify their roommate.

What is the total amount payable to apply for On-Campus Residence?

  • The total amount payable to apply is PKR 34,900.

What does this amount include?

Is the security payable by everyone?

  • Yes, the security must be paid by all applicants.

How can I get a refund of my dues paid for accommodation?

What is included in the accommodation charges?

  • The accommodation charges are for the residence only.

Are meals included in the charges?

  • No, students must pay separately for meals that they purchase.

Do I have to pay laundry charges?

  • Yes, laundry charges are to be paid by all residents.

Can students apply for single accommodation?

  • Due to space constraints, single accommodation is not available.