Damages to Rooms

All losses and damages beyond normal wear and tear which occur within an individual student’s room are charged to the resident(s) of the room.
The room check form completed or notification by email to rcrepairs@lums.edu.pk at the beginning of each resident’s occupancy protects the student from being held liable for previous damages or conditions.
Once residents have checked into a room they are then responsible for all damages and/or losses which may occur during their occupancy.
Charges for residential room damages may not be appealed if a Check-in Form/email notification were not submitted at the time of check in or if residents have swapped/changed their assigned room without approval of the Housing Office.

Charges for damages

If damage is incurred to university space/property the following charges will be incurred for the following items

 ItemCharges in PKR
1Aluminium Door Handle1500
2Aluminium Door Repair1000
3Chair Leg600
4Common Chair Arm600
5Common Room Chair4000
6Common Room Chair Polish 3600
7Complete Room Paint Including Cupboard3600
8Cupboard Mirror 200/sq ft500
9Cupboard Shelve Board 2’x2’400
10Cupboard Shelve Board 2’x4’800
11Door Viewer150
12Drawer Base Ply240
13Paint of Cupboard1000
14Paint of Door Double Side500
15Paint of Door Single Side300
16Paint of Door Wall400
17Paint of Large Wall600
18Paint of Window Wall500
19Polishing of Study Table-Complete600
20Polishing of Study Table-Top only500
21Polishing of Wall Shelves 600
22Repair Door Lock F4500
23Replacement of Bed Board800
24Replacement of Common Room Chair Fabric & Foam2000
25Replacement of Common Room Chair Four Legs2000
26Replacement of Main Door Lock2000
27Replacement of Study Chair Fabric & Foam1800
28Replacement of Cabinet/Wardrobe/Study Table Lock500
29Room Door Key Duplicate All Buildings1000
30Study Chair New4500
31Window Glass 200/sq ftTBA
32Window Repair500
33Window Stay400
34Window Wire Gauze 100 sq/ftTBA


Avoid damages

Below are some tips to avoid being charged for damages:

• Do not use nails, or double backed tape on ceilings, walls or doors.
• Do not write on, paint or otherwise deface the exterior of your room door.
• Discourage your friends from writing on your door, walls or furniture.
• Do not remove furniture from your room or break it.
• Look after the furnishings of your room, do not scratch or deface them.