Damage Charges

The following charges are incurred in case of damage, missing furniture, or excessive trash by the Housing Office, to prepare the rooms for the next occupant. Students are urged to take care of their rooms and to vacate rooms in good condition, to avoid being charged.

Sr. No.DescriptionCharges in PKR
1Common room chair4000
2Common chair arm600
3Chair leg600
4Cupboard mirror200/sq ft
5Cupboard shelve board750
6Door viewer120
7Drawer base ply240
8Complete room paint including cupboard3600
9Paint of cupboard600
10Paint of door double side500
11Paint of door single side300
12Paint of door wall400
13Paint of large wall600
14Paint of window wall500
15Polishing of study table-complete600
16Polishing of study table-top only500
17Polishing of wall shelves600
18Replacement of bed board800
19Replacement of study chair fabric & foam1800
20Replacement of common room chair four legs1800
21Replacement of common room chair fabric & foam1800
22Replacement of main door lock1800
23Replacement of wardrobe/study table lock500
24Window glass200/sq ft
25Room door key duplicate1000
26Study chair new3600
27Window wire gauze100 sq/ft