Applying for On-Campus Residence (New/returning/auditing students)

General Information

  • On-Campus Residence is offered to full time registered LUMS students only. 
  • In order to apply students are required to register on Zambeel.
  • Lahore residents can not apply for On-Campus Residence.
  • Notification of room allocation is sent to students via email by the Housing Office.
  • On-campus Residence Security and registration must be paid by every applicant of On-Campus Residence.
  • Allocation of space is subject to availability. The OSA-Housing Office reserves the right to allocate accommodation.

Returning Students

  • Registration on Zambeel for On Campus Residence 2014-15 is Open February 1-28 only  
  • Space is limited and it is strongly recommended that you register as early as possible.
  • Accommodation/Registration is not available for Lahore residents.
  • Accommodation is available on the basis of Double and Triple Occupancy. 
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate preferences however preferences are not guaranteed.
  • Students may submit a group preference up to 2 rooms. (provided all wing mates meet conditions)
  • Wing allocation will be by random draws.
  • Double Occupancy is limited and will be available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Double Occupancy accommodation for boys will be available in M5 and M6
  • Double Occupancy accommodation for girls will be available in F3 and F4
  • Register Now. Registration closes February 28.
  • No payment is required for Registration however All Outstanding Dues must be cleared.
  • Registration holds a space for you.
  • Confirmation and Check in will be only after payment of Fall Semester dues plus any outstanding dues.
  • Students who prefer/volunteer for triple accommodation must write to 

How to Apply on Zambeel:

  • Access your Zambeel Account.
  • Click on Hostel Management System.
  • Click on New Application.
  • Your application page will now open up. Please complete all information fields. 
  • You have the option to give the names of two roommates. 
  • Roommate preference is optional. Random roommates will be assigned if no preference is given. 
  • Zambeel will not accept the application unless all fields have been filled out. 
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate preferences however preferences are not guaranteed.
  • Click on the box to indicate that you have read the residence policy and rules and regulations.
  • Click on SAVE at the end of the page.
  • Write to  for all queries.

Wing mate Preferences:

Auditing Students
  • Auditing students must pay and apply for On-Campus Residence by the same deadline to pay for their admission and tuition dues.
  • Space will be subject to availability.