The Accreditation and Quality Enhancement Office (AQE) is responsible for Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Assurance of Learning (AOL) activities at SDSB. Its role is to coordinate and facilitate accreditation of SDSB academic programmes from national and international organisations. Below is the assigned team for this office:

Saad Saeed

Assistant Manager, Accreditation and Quality Enhancement Office 

Tel: 92-42-35608000 Ext: 5112 



Shiza Shahzad
Accreditation officer, Accreditation and Quality Enhancement Office 

Ext: 92-42-35608000-5313 



Dr. Fazal Jawad Seyyed

Director, Accreditation and Quality Enhancement Office

Ext: 92-42-35608030



Ayesha Zafar Ali

Head of Department & Senior Manager, SDSB Administrative Services

Tel: 92-42-35608308