Food Options Available

There are a good bunch of eating options on campus – in fact, there’s something for everyone.


If you’re in a hurry and need a quick fix, the Khokha is your go-to place. Grab a doughnut if you want a sugary snack or a paratha roll if you want something more satisfying. The superstore also has some pretty decent sandwiches. However, if you have time on your hands, get any one of the burgers or sandwiches on their menu- they are worth the 10-15 minute wait. Some favorites include the Zinger Cheese Burger, King Kong burger (if you’ve really built up your appetite) and the Chicken Fajita Sandwich. If not that, just sip on some refreshing lemonade, orange juice or Snickers shake to brighten your day.


Then there’s the Pepsi Dining Center, fondly referred to as the PDC. The breakfast is, hands down, amazing. Do not miss out on their Aloo ke Parathay or Samosa, ever. Items like Chicken Harri Mirch and Chicken Aatish Baazi are some other exciting dishes. If you’re craving something with variety and homely, it is the place to go to.  The Biryani, Aloo Palak and Mac& Cheese are all yum. The samosas on their snack bar also happen to be one of the best you’ll taste – big on the stomach and easy on the pocket! (PDC Menu)


Though Chop Chop’s Chicken Chowmein is always a big hit, Zakir Tikka is a trusted spot for savory cuisine in LUMS. If you want a proper dhabba level karhai, nothing beats Zakir. Occasionally, paying Jammin Java a visit isn’t such a bad idea either. And yes, you need no excuse to dig into Bombay Chowpatty’s Jalapeño Cheese Fries!


If you’re having a bad day, treat yourself to some ice cream from the superstore. If you need an energy boost, get the superstore’s Cream Tea or PDC’s Ilaichi Chai. If you’re missing out on some homemade chaat, the Fruit Chaat at the khokha/superstore will come to the rescue. For those rare moments where you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can purchase a few ingredients from the superstore to create something that slightly resembles what your mom would make following the same recipe. In case you get tired of all this, you can always order in from Buddies, New Yorker, Hot & Spicy, McDonalds or from whatever place you want to - the campus is surrounded by food! Not to forget, the option of hopping over to H or T Block or Phase 5 remains open too!


While you can’t be granted Ammi ke haath ki biryani, PDC does try its best to compensate for it. You’ll develop a love hate relationship with the food at LUMS although we sincerely hope there’s more love than hate on your platter.


- From an appraisal by student Aiza Hussain