The Community

Harmony in Community



While Academic success must always be your first priority at LUMS, it is also important that you take advantage of the many rich opportunities for personal growth that LUMS offers outside the classroom within its vibrant community. The LUMS community offers you an opportunity to see your degree as a by-product of a bigger goal - to acquire an education that allows you to grow on multiple fronts and inculcates in you a lifelong love for learning.


Try to engage personally with faculty at LUMS. What they teach you in the classroom is very valuable. But you have a lot to learn from their academic and life experiences too. Similarly, working with staff from administration and maintaining an easy to approach attitude will help you gain insight into the workings of a major organisation while helping you sort out any range of problems you may encounter here.


The campus community is always student centric and strives to provide support and facilitation as a part of the LUMS family!